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A One-woman owned apparel and accessory brand

Hadokoa is a brand owned by Bethany, a creator and artist who started off as a professional cosplayer and later began designing and drawing products for her shop starting in 2021.
Every piece of product in Hadokoa is designed and created by Bethany with occasional collaborations with other artists
Products not done in-house are completed by her small business partners inside the US
Products include: 
-Embroidered fandom beanies
-Dad and bucket hats
-Custom designed and sewn bags
-Handmade cotton face masks with custom fabric
-Acrylic charms and keychains
-Peeker decals and car stickers
-Screenprinted and custom designed shirts
-Original design logo apparel
-Acrylic license plate frames
-Printed postcards for wall decor

Hadokoa has a goal and a passion to create high quality merchandise for popular games and anime along with fashionable everyday items

Some items include fanart and logo redesigns that favor the franchise involved

Hadokoa likes to mix pop culture references with designs, reminiscent of merchandise made by bands and larger corporations 

"Popular media turned into subtle fashion is something I strive to create with Hadokoa"

Examples of products offered:

Booth Setups






Double-Sided Epoxy Keychains



Original Designs and Products



Prints and Vinyl Decals