Hadokoa FAQs

When do you do preorders?

  • At least once a month. Sometimes twice a month at the beginning and end of each month. 

When will my order ship?

  • Typically all in hand orders (orders with no preorders in them) ship within 3-5 business days. 
  • If an order has both in stock and preorder items, the order will not ship until the preorder item is in hand. This will increase the shipping time of in stock items. 
How long do beanie preorders take to ship?
  • Beanie preorders typically take 4-5 weeks to ship. Once put into production, they take 2-3 weeks to be embroidered and another 3-4 days to reach me after being shipped. Once delivered I immediately start packaging all preorders

Do you do customs?

  • Currently I cannot offer customs of any kind. I do not individually embroider the beanies myself and I am unable to order just 1 for someone. 

Can you make this beanie?

  • I frequently ask for preferred beanies to be made, but I do not promise I can or will make your request 

Will this beanie restock?

  • Typically my designs do get a restock. It depends on the design and its popularity. 

What beanies have you retired?

  • Currently my retired designs are Eevee and Mew