Hello! I'm Bethany and I'm the owner and designer for Hadokoa Contrast

Hadokoa began 2 years ago as the product of the pandemic and as a result I've been able to embrace making both original clothing pieces as well as pieces inspired by popculture shows and games.

Products include: 

  • Embroidered fandom beanies
  • Dad and bucket hats
  • Custom designed and sewn bags
  • Acrylic charms and keychains
  • Screenprinted and custom designed shirts
  • Original apparel and accessories
  • Small art prints for wall decor

Original Designs

I'm passionate about creating custom, functional bags to be used by vendors and congoers alike. My style is heavily influenced by the "techwear" subgenre of clothing and fashion.

Art Prints

I offer a small collection of mini prints at conventions which are all fanart based. I currently have 11 different prints I display as of 5/02/2023.


I take a great deal of time and care designing my hats and beanies. All of my beanies are currently embroidered here in the US by a small business. Each one is designed and drawn by me and each thread color is also picked by myself.

Acrylic Keychains and Charms

I provide a variety of small keychains and phone charms which are all designed and drawn by me. I rotate some designs as I run out, but I currently offer 15 designs.


The clothing I offer is all custom made and designed. I try to keep things unisex and size inclusive. Many of my items go up to a US 5XL.